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                               Meet Diamond's Directors                         

       Samantha Nye


          President of Diamond Massage

        Barra Cohen

   Vice-President of Diamond Massage

Samantha has 15 years of experience in the Massage and Spa industry, as both a Therapist and in Spa Management.  In the role of Spa Director she has lead many luxury spa teams to sucess, such as Equinox Spa and Aveda affliated spas. Samantha studied and later taught with the internationally renowed Instructors at Florida School of Masaage and went on to launch STRESSED -ART,  her exclusive brand of Stress Reduction Workshps which synthesize relaxation technighes with artistic modalites. Samantha has over 4 years of Casino Massage under her belt and  is happy to offer her indepth experience and insight to Diamond Events Massage. 

Barra is an attorney who, in adddition to co-owning Diamond Massage, currently practices law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Prior to her career as an attorney, she worked for several years in non-profit management.  She brings her wealth of experience and professionalism to Diamond Events Massage.

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